Web Conference | 07.12.21

19/11/21 | News, News & Events, Upcoming Events

The Laboratory of Agricultural Constructions & Environmental Control of the Department of Agriculture Crop Production and Rural Environment of the University of Thessaly invites you to attend the Web Conference taking place on the 7th of December 2021. The Web Conference is organized in the frame of the AgriTexSil project, implemented in the frame of the bilateral cooperation of Greece-Germany, and co-funded by the European Union and national funds (EPAnEK). During the event, attendants will…

1st International Symposium on Nettings and Screens in Horticulture, 27-31/01/2019

24/01/19 | Upcoming Events

The 1st International Symposium on Nettings and Screens in Horticulture will be held from 27 to 31 January 2019, hosted by the 11th International Symposium on Protected Cultivation in Mild Winter Climates in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain under the aegis of the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS). It is our pleasure to announce that AgriTexSil project team will participate at the Symposium with a presentation. Click here to view the Symposium’s Programme and the Presentation…

DORNBIRN-GFC 2018 Innovations Platform 12-14/09/2018

09/08/18 | Upcoming Events

The Europe-centred innovation platform for the fiber industry and the downstream manufacturing stages is to serve as a generator of ideas and the basis for networking.